Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm pretty sure...

I'm pretty sure I've worked with Terry in the past.

Many times in fact, many many times.

Don't be a Terry :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

UKOUG and other events...

I was just catching up on some stuff and read Jonathan's blog posting on the UKOUG.  Sure enough - UKOUG is right around the corner.  I have two technical sessions and a keynote there before I leave for some other internal events in Europe.  I like the UKOUG - have been to the last few (this will be my fifth time there).  The event is well organized and the wealth of material available is huge.  I highly recommend this if you are in the area.

As for other events...  I've finally gotten around to using a new feature of asktom the developers put in for me earlier this year.  There is a "where is tom?" bit now on the home page.  I'll be using this to display public events I'm speaking at/attending over time.  The calendar widget goes out for a year into the future, and the list on the home page shows the next 10 events.  I'll be using this in the future to advertise seminars, user groups, and other Oracle related events. 

I do have three events in Europe I'd like to point out - at the end of January, I'll be in Madrid, Spain.  At the end of February I'll be in London, UK (check back on that one, the date seems to be in question - I'm not sure if it'll be the 25/26th or 27/28th).  Lastly, in early May - I'll be in Berlin, Germany.  I have been meaning to generate some new content for a while and will be using these seminars as an excuse to finally sit down and do it.  As usual - the content will cover things up to the current release - but as much as possible  - cover every release from 8i on up.  For some sections that will not be truly possible (real application testing for example) but for others like "Effective Indexing" or "Storage Techniques" - we'll be covering things that apply to all releases.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

One last thing about OpenWorld

It was neat to see it mentioned in a non-technical blog I'm fond of...  Looks like they have someone on the ground in San Francisco monitoring the conference - very cool.

Second Day at Oracle OpenWorld...

My second day at OpenWorld is done, and for me, that is the end of OpenWorld.  I took a redeye back to the east coast last night.  Yesterday was my "very busy day", actually both Monday and Tuesday were as I tried to fit a weeks worth of OpenWorld into two days. 

Yesterday I had a morning keynote at the Develop conference.  It was a huge audience - that is always a bit un-nerving, especially given that it was the first time I was presenting the material (the topic was "How do you know what you know").  The feedback I got was pretty good - and I finished with five minutes to spare, which is so much better than running over.

After that, I met a friend for lunch and had a get together with a former coworker before my two afternoon sessions. 

The first afternoon session was a "no slide zone" presentation to a fairly packed house.  I did thirty minutes of monologue (with index cards - sort of the command line interface of presentation material).  The index cards were a visual part of the talk though - as it was a "top 11 things" show, after each "thing" I threw the card away (and am now just realizing I left the stage littered with cards - forgot to clean up...).  Doug Burns wrote about it here

I think I liked the "no slide zone" format for the most part.  To do a two day technical seminar - that format would not work, but to do a 30/45 minute presentation - it worked well.  After the monologue, we did questions and answers with the audience - which went very well.  The theatre crew was out in the audience with microphones and give aways(copies of my book or coupons for free E-Book versions if they didn't want to carry a real book around) for people asking questions.  So, instead of me trying to point and pick someone to ask a question - they were coordinated all over the audience and just went round and round.  In the end - every part of the audience got a good chance to ask something - and their microphones were already in hand without having to wait.  Very smooth.

My last talk of the day was in the Moscone Center - in a room that sat 1,083 people and was full.  After the talk, there was still a crowd - we spent about an hour after the talk doing an informal question and answer/meet and greet. 

After yesterday, I still wonder if I will ever not be nervous when speaking in a forum like that.  I spoke to some 2,000-2,500 people that day in three sessions.  Each one was scary.

After that - I was supposed to have gone to a group dinner event, but I was already an hour late for it - and it would have taken a while to get there.  Add to that the fact that after doing the three sessions and having the pure adrenalin rush that comes with them (and the corresponding crash afterwards) all I wanted to do was hide somewhere - which I did :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Oracle OpenWorld, the second day...

Yesterday was busy, but successful overall.  The first session I did was "DBA 2.0", a battle between the script wielding DBA version 1.0 and the tool adopting DBA version 2.0:


It was both fun and accurate.  The scenario's presented were real world enough - a) general database slowdown, diagnose and fix, b) new application rolled out over the weekend, performance down the tubes on Monday morning, DBA did a shutdown abort, and removed the new application - now figure out what went wrong and suggest corrective action.  And the attempt to find/implement solutions were as well.  Having the ability and knowledge to command line when necessary, along with using the tools day to day is the way forward I think.

The next session was an OTN meet and greet.  For an hour I took questions "in the round" - had a nice crowd, but not too large.  Everyone but me had a beer in hand - that was a bit disappointing :) 

Also, recorded a podcast yesterday, available here for your listening pleasure.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Oracle OpenWorld 2007...


I arrived last night, late.  I am doing a weeks worth of stuff in two days this year.  I've had a rehearsal, a podcast recorded and am waiting to do my first talk - at the Unconference (the no slide zone).  The first talk is "DBA 2.0", the role of the DBA in the year 2007 (and how it is a bit different from the way it was in 1997, 1987...)

Later this afternoon, a "meet and greet" session in the OTN lounge is on the schedule and then a customer meeting.  Tomorrow is the really busy day - a keynote session in the morning as part of the IDevelop 'sub conference', another "no slide zone" talk in the afternoon and then finishing up with a regular session that evening. 

Then, get on the plane to fly back home :)

So, what was the biggest surprise news so far?  Oracle VM...  I'm a huge fan of virtualization - have been for a long time.  This is going to be cool.